People of all ages can suffer pain in their bones an joints. Arthritis is a painful joint condition associated with old age, but it affects many young people as well. Fractured bones and sprains are common orthopedic problems, as is back pain caused by slipped or ruptured disks. In addition to prescribed medical treatment, many people also use home remedies to ease their pain and speed up the healing process. The following are some of the top recommended home remedies to help reduce bone and joint pain.

Epsom Salt

Soaking in a warm bath with 2 cups of dissolved Epsom salt is one comforting home remedy. The salt is easily absorbed by the skin, and it contains substances like sulfates and magnesium that help reduce inflammation, which is often the main source of pain. Epsom salts can also be applied directly to the skin in a compress. First dissolve about 1/4 cup in warm water and then soak a cloth in the solution. Apply the cloth to the affected area and wrap it in plastic so that it stays wet.

Hot And Cold Compresses

You can buy compresses that can go in the freezer or the microwave, but you can also make your own at home. For a hot compress, wet and wring out a washcloth and put it in a plastic bag. Leave the bag open and microwave it for thirty sections, repeating until it feels hot enough. Wrap the bag in another towel and lay it on the injured area. Another method for making a hot compress is to fill a sock about 3/4 full with dry rice, tie up the end, and put it in the microwave. A cold compress can be made by filling a plastic bag with crushed ice, sealing it shut, wrapping it in a towel, and applying it to the skin. Use either compress for 10-15 minutes.



Eating a diet that is high in anti-inflammatory foods can help promote healing of injuries. In addition, minerals like calcium and magnesium, along with Vitamin D and glucosamine, are highly beneficial for bone and joint health and repair. One of the top recommended foods containing all of these substances is bone broth, a clear broth made by boiling and then simmering beef, pork, chicken, or fish bones for anywhere from one to three days. You can make benefits of bone broth at home, but if you don’t have the time, consider ordering from a company like Au Bon Broth, a highly recommended nationwide delivery service.